Dr Pascal Larousse DchD GDC no. 102262

Pascal larousse

Pascal Larousse graduated in Paris in 1999 and set up his own practice there with his wife in 2001.

Pascal spent 5 years improving his practice and enjoying post graduate training. He then decided to sell the practice in 2006 and move to England with his family.

He enjoys his life in Oxford with his two boys going to local schools and his wife working in Oxford as an orthodontist.

Pascal is passionate about robotics, developing equipment monitoring patient’s behaviour as well as vital signs. When building robots for fun, he likes replicating Starwars well-known robots.

He has been working in private practice developing a special interest for root canal treatment and is now accepting endodontic referrals from other practices. Pascal has been developing a huge experience in the patient’s care.

He is still attending post graduate courses to keep up to date and shares his time between Witney Dental Practice and Ridentes.

Pascal is also offering treatment in Kidlington in the practice Ridentes, as a director and clinical director.

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