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implantAndrew Hall is one of only a few clinicians to limit his practice solely to the provision of dental implants. He now has over 20 years of experience in this field and has a success rate that exceeds 99%. He is experienced in all of the advanced aspects of the field including bone grafting surgery and computer guided implant surgery.

He is passionate about achieving the highest standards for all of his patients. He was the first UK clinician to adopt the PRGF technique for enhancing the bodies own natural healing mechanisms. This significantly improves the healing after implant surgery and is now a routine part of our practice.


Pascal210 endo210x210

Pascal Larousse graduated in Paris in 1999 and has been passionate about root canal treatment since.

He has been working in private practice developing a special interest for root canal treatment, after completing several courses in endodontics, he then decided to limit his practice to endodontics in London with Harley street dental clinic.

He is still attending post graduate courses to keep up to date and enrolled the Msc endodontic Practice program at Queen Mary university of London.
Pascal is a member of the British and French society of endodontics, and is attending courses delivered by internationally known endodontics lectures.

The feedback he’s receiving from his patients and referral dentists encourage him to carry on.