General Dentistry


In terms of General dentistry, at Witney Dental Practice, we offer all the following treatment

Fillings: teeth can be filled with a variety of materials which include gold, porcelain and composite resin.

Crowns: these are artificial teeth or ‘caps’ which can be fitted over broken or damaged teeth. These will maintain their structure and protect them from further damage.

Bridge: this is a structure which contains an artificial tooth or ‘pontic’ which is anchored to a couple of crowns. These crowns fit over the natural teeth on either side of a gap which help to secure the false tooth in place and so ensure a natural looking appearance.

Root canal treatment: this procedure is carried out when the tissue or ‘pulp’ within a tooth becomes infected or inflamed . This procedure can be performed by a general or specialist dentist.

Dentures: these are basically a set of false teeth. If you have quite a few teeth missing, as a result of an accident or disease then dentures can help. They are removable false teeth which look and behave in much the same way as natural teeth.

Dental cleaning: this can take the form of a ‘scale & polish’ or advice on brushing and flossing.

Bonding: this is the name given to the procedure in which a type of resin is used as a ‘glue’ to stick a material, such as a veneer to a tooth. Often used to treat stained or damaged teeth.

Oral (mouth) and Maxillofacial treatments: this is the technical term used to describe procedures for the mouth, face and jaw. Includes dental implants and treatment for temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ).

Implants: A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.

These are the most common services offered by a general dentist. However, we offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, lumineers and cosmetic bonding.