Dr Terella Pillay (Javén-Välimaa) BDS GDC no. 76825

Terella qualified in 1997 in Helsinki Finland and after practising in Helsinki University Student Health Service. She relocated with her young family to Canada where she was to continue her research. A year later she moved to Oxford due to her husband’s work and has stayed ever since and calls it her home now. 

In Oxfordshire, Terella has experience from small family to large co-operate run general practices. In 2010 she joined the Witney Dental Practice as a Partner and has been part of many changes and developments in the practice ever since.

Terella enjoys general dentistry, especially cosmetic work (tooth whitening, composite bonding, veneering) and root canal treatments (endodontics). She is keen on postgraduate training and has recently completed courses in tooth clenching and grinding (bruxism), which is becoming an increasing problem because of today’s hectic lifestyles and anxieties. Terella has also trained to provide and prescribe treatment for facial aesthetics, this may also help for headaches, jaw aches, excess sweating, and facial wrinkles. She likes to help her patients to feel as comfortable as possible in a friendly & kind atmosphere, and at same time aims to provide high quality gold standard treatments.

In her spare time, Terella enjoys exercising, dancing, travelling, and reading. She lives in Abingdon with her cat, as her children have left the nest. Viveca, her eldest daughter has followed her footsteps and they share their passion for dentistry. Her youngest daughter Patricia has chosen a different path, first a tennis player and now solving quantum physical equations as a physicist. 

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